Medevac 3: Rose

WARNING: This story contains disturbing content involving sexual assault.

Rose---fullRose was beaten and raped while working in her vegetable garden near the village of Mount Tawa, Papua New Guinea. It took a team of MAF staff to ensure she received help. It started on a Friday, when Rose was attacked by two men from the neighbouring tribe. She dragged herself back to the village by nightfall, but Mount Tawa has no doctors, not even a community health worker. There was, however, a channel of communication – a CRMF (Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship) radio and an MAF agent who knew how to use it.

A medevac was quickly arranged and early Saturday morning Pilot Martin Koelher flew out to rescue Rose. They returned to Mt Hagen at 10am with Rose and her husband Rodney.

The ambulance wasn’t waiting at Mt Hagen airport so Pilot Martin drove Rose and Rodney to the hospital. Rose was cared for and recovered in Mt Hagen hospital. During this time, MAF wives Jennifer and Lois regularly visited and prayed with Rose.

This kind of horrific story – of brutality and sickening violence against women – is sadly told far too often in PNG. Women are vulnerable in this society and this kind of violence is at an epidemic.