Medevac 4: A wild pig

Nikos had gone hunting many times before, but never had a wild pig retaliated.

We received the call that his his leg had been shattered and that he had a suspected broken back.

34957_Pig attack at BlackwaraThe team of Captain Irwin Hodder, First Officer Richie Axon and Ground Operations Manager Siobhain Dales were en route to visit the base in Tabubil in the Twin Otter when they were diverted north out of the mountains towards the remote airstrip of Blackwara.

There is no medical centre or aid post at Blackwara so his tribesmen were faced with a walk of several days to get medical help. Thankfully, Blackwara is a strip that MAF regularly serves and the diversion from the planned route was only minor. On the ground, the pilots and ground staff who happened to be on board quickly hooked up six seats to the side of the fuselage so the man’s bush material stretcher could be placed on the floor.

When he was strapped in, the Twin Otter headed for Tabubil where there is a well-equipped and staffed hospital for him to receive the treatment he needed.